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Map of Bankview

Map of Bankview

With the Rocky Mountains as its’ backdrop, Bankview is one of Calgary’s oldest communities comfortably tucked in just southwest of the Beltline district of the inner city. Mainly a collection of high-density rented apartments, condominiums, older homes, and newly-built residences sprinkled throughout, Bankview is a neighborhood that was originally established in 1908. William Nimmons, an English immigrant who had bought the land from the Hudson Bay Company in 1882 to use for ranching and farming, divided the land up in a 1902 housing shortage that was experienced in the area. He sold it off in plots to newly arrived settlers. The land was inevitably purchased by the city of Calgary in 1908 and it was immediately divided up into the traditional grid system. In 1950, the district saw a major re-design allowing for the construction of walk-up apartment buildings and today, the community now has an area redevelopment plan in place to ensure growth and development for many years to come.

The area is family-friendly. Elementary school students here attend Richmond Elementary before graduating to Mount Royal junior high and eventually to the designated Ernest Manning high school. The Catholic students in the community attend the Sacred Heart elementary school before being sent off to either St. Monica junior high or St. Michael’s junior high, eventually graduating to St. Mary’s high school. The Bankview Community Association, stationed just off 23rd avenue Southwest, is rented out by members of the community for a diverse range of activities including but not limited to Irish dance, dog obedience training, Tae Kwon Do instruction, mom and tot playgroups, etc.

 Amenities are set up nearby within ten minutes’ driving distance. From the 125 independently-owned shops that occupy the Marda Loop a little south of Bankview to the # of boutiques and businesses that line 17th avenue Southwest, there is no shortage of grocers or shopping centers.

Bankview also offers the advantage of learning a little of Calgary’s history. It participates in the annual September Heritage Day Celebrations by organizing a community walk that takes residents on a tour of the neighborhood’s historic homes. For the family, Bankview also has a # of tennis courts, parks, playgrounds, a basketball court.

 The bus route shuttles passengers through 17a street Southwest and right into the downtown core of Calgary. Bus stops also line the perimeter of the community making downtown extremely accessible to anyone. Bankview gives you a bird’s eye view of downtown Calgary which lends a sort of panoramic charm to it.