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map of CFB Currie

Map of CFB Currie

The Currie Barracks were opened on the southwestern edge of Calgary in 1933 by the Canadian Army before being re-designated CFB Calgary in 1966. Forty-five years later, what was once known as CFB Calgary has become perhaps the most eagerly anticipated new community in all of Calgary. Built on the principles of smart growth and sustainable community design, the Currie Barracks is still in development but alone with what has already been implemented in the community, it’s a neighborhood unlike any other. Projects underway in the area include 20,903 cubic metres of retail space on a European-style “High street”, 27,871 cubic metres of office space, and a private school set alongside the existing buildings around Parade Square. All of this is set to accommodate the approximate 3,200 housing units being built within the Currie Barracks.

The students of the Currie Barracks community attend Sir James Lougheed school(K-1), Glamorgan elementary school (2-6), A.E. Cross junior high, and Bishop Carroll high school which are all located within five minutes walking distance of each other. Catholic students of the area are also well accommodated at St. James elementary, St. James junior high, St. Michael junior high, and Bishop Carroll high school.

Mt. Royal University is located right across Richardson Way providing students of the community the opportunity to complete their full K-University education while remaining within walking distance of their Currie Barracks community home.

Located ten minutes from Calgary’s downtown core, amenities are plentiful here. Westbrook Mall, Glamorgan Shopping Centre, and the Signal Hill Superstore serve the community well as well there being the Killarney Aquatic Centre and the Mount Royal Recreation Centre providing activities for citizens to regularly partake in. In Valour Park and Victoria Cross Park, the community commemorates these to Canada’s military and to those who’ve served. History is a common theme among the community’s architecture and design as the Currie Barracks also contains the most significant concentration of provincially designated historic buildings in an urban centre in all of Alberta.

This community has seamlessly integrated the energy of an urban centre with a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood amidst a vast and diverse collection of retail space, offices, tree-lined sidewalks, and lively parks.

Currie Barracks offers its’ citizens the exciting opportunity to be on the cusp of trendy Calgary.

There is no better example of urban sustainability in all of Alberta than the Currie Barracks, as evidenced it being the first Canadian community to receive gold certification for its’ approved development plan (stage 2).

Currie Barracks is a lot of things to a lot of people.

It inspires, it motivates, and as it continues to blossom, promises to be one of Calgary’s most paramount communities for the decades to come.