Cliff Bungalow Real Estate Listings and Information

map of cliff Bungalow

Map of Cliff Bungalow

The inner city residential neighborhood known as Cliff Bungalow is one of Calgary’s oldest and most historic neighborhoods. Development on Cliff Bungalow began in 1907 on land originally owned by the Canadian Pacific Railway in the 1870’s. As a matter of fact, during this time period, nearly the entire area’s residents were employees of CPR due to its’ convenient location relative to the railyards and the CPR headquarters. A rejuvenation process undertook by Cliff Bungalow beginning in the 1990’s with Calgary’s growing interest in local history and historic architecture, it now has an area re-development plan in place to provide the community with continued re-development for years to come.

Owning a piece of real estate within the area is very much owning an integral piece of Calgary history.

Public school students of Cliff Bungalow regularly attend Rideau Park elementary and junior high school which is located in a border neighborhood. The Western Canada senior high school is located right within the Cliff Bungalow community allowing the area’s high school students to all be within walking distance. Catholic school students of the area are assigned to attend St. Monica elementary, St. Michael junior high, and finally, St. Mary’s senior high school.

Along with the historical attractions located throughout the greater Cliff Bungalow-Mission communities, you have a number of amenities available to you nearby. From the 4th street shopping district, to Lindsey Park, to the Bow River, to being within footsteps of downtown Calgary. The community also hosts the monthly Cliff Bungalow-Mission jazz concert series which features Calgary’s most elite jazz musicians coming together each month. The annual 4th street St. Lilac festival is also held on the eastern border of Cliff Bungalow and it is Calgary’s largest street festival.

Being as close as it is to Downtown, transportation is never an issue in the community as there are transit stops that line 4th street, Elbow Drive, and 17th avenue.

A rich mix of single-family residences, duplexes, apartments, and commercial establishments, Cliff Bungalow is rich in history and will forever be sewn to the heart of Calgary.