Eau Claire Real Estate Listings and Information 

map of eau claire

Map of Eau Claire

One of the more popular areas within all of Calgary, the community of Eau Claire is located immediately north of the downtown core and south of the Bow River. Within Eau Claire is the city’s Festival District in addition to riverside condominiums, shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, a large public plaza, and urban parkland, all of which contribute to the neighborhood’s modernization and re-development. One of the many amenities that attract people to this part of town is Prince’s Island Park, just north of Eau Claire. This park acts as hosts to a number of events throughout the year including the Calgary folk music festival, Carifest, Shakespeare In The Park, and a variety of busking-related activities. The real estate in the area is mainly condominiums and apartments that fit in between the many amenities included within the Eau Claire community.

There aren’t a lot of public school students living in the area but those that do attend Connaught/Kingsland elementary school, Mount Royal junior high, and Western Canada senior high school. The Catholic students of the area are assigned to the Sacred Heart elementary school, either to St. Monica or St. Michael for junior high, and then finally, to St. Mary’s senior high school. These schools are relatively nearby but because of the community’s location to the downtown area and the majority of its’ residents living here because of its’ relation to the downtown core, school is a little more of a drive than it would normally be in other neighborhoods. Only a few minutes more, nothing major.

Eau Claire’s amenities are plentiful but the focal point of the Eau Claire neighborhood is the Eau Claire Market. This mall is a hub for many local businesses, small shops, and art galleries as well as being the home to a six screen Cinema Odeon multiplex, a food court, and a high number of restaurants. To coincide with the reconfiguration of the new Eau Claire Plaza, the market is set to be demolished and rebuilt in the near future. The plan in place is to develop a market that will cater to a larger and more diverse demographic.

Despite being very much within the city part of Calgary, it is conveniently located within an extended network of pedestrian pathways that fit along the Bow River.

Transportation is a non-issue with Calgary Transit stops placed all throughout the neighborhood. They’re easy to find. Plus, the downtown is right there. Within walking distance alone, you have a multitude of shopping opportunities, restaurants, and employment possibilities.

Eau Claire sits in a location where its’ residents are a major influence over the downtown core.

With its’ ties to downtown Calgary, the real estate here is already set at a high property value. You are surrounded by so much within walking distance that many of Eau Claire’s residents like to indulge on the week-end. Eau Claire is for the young professional or the person who can really use the convenience of having nearly all of Calgary’s attractions not far from the front door.