Elboya Real Estate Listings and Information

map of elboya

Map of Elboya

Ranked 1st overall by Avenue Calgary as the city’s best neighborhood overall, Elboya Park is community with beautiful planning, gorgeous architecture, and many of its’ original homes still standing from the time they were built in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. Tucked in between the Elbow River to its’ north, 4th street and MacLeod Trail to its’ east, 50th avenue to the south, and Elbow Drive to the west, Elboya is a pretty little community with a breathtaking view of the Calgary skyline. The height of Elboya is a unique feature to the neighborhood. It’s built on a large hill. It makes for a beautiful combination of what is old and what is new. There are 100-year old trees which line the streets giving you the privacy that nature can afford. There are also a number of homebuyers who have targeted the older housing in the area, which they will often renovate and rebuild, in some cases, to turn it out into the home they’ve always wanted.

Public school students are well served with Elboya elementary and junior high school located in Elboya. They are assigned to Henry Wise Wood senior high school after the fact. Catholic school students attend St. Augustine K-9 and Bishop Grandin senior high.

This inner-city spot holds properties that have traditionally held its’ value and often, increased. Even in current economic times, Elboya has been spared from most of the decrease in home pricing. The trend of buying and re-building has become a trend within the last five or six years as more people move from and into the community.

The downtown is only 4 kilometres away. Elbow Drive and MacLeod Trail are both direct access routes one can take to get there in a little under fifteen minutes. There are Calgary Transit stops that line MacLeod Trail in case you don’t have a car to get there. Elbow Park also provides a pathway system to accommodate the activities of joggers, walkers, and bicyclists.

The way that Elboya is structured is similar to an incredibly large park. There are trees that populate much of the area. There is access to beautiful pathways that are free to use for anyone looking to get a little closer with nature. It’s still close enough to the Downtown core to get out there without hassle. It’s a lovely community that is geared towards those that are looking to re-build a property to reflect their vision for a dream home. Elboya is your opportunity.