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map of erlton

Map of Erlton

Located in the southwest quadrant of Calgary is the inner-city residential neighborhood of Erlton. With MacLeod Trail bisecting the neighborhood, Erlton is bounded by Elbow River, Spiller Road to its’ east, and Mission Road to its’ south. First established in 1906 as a Calgary neighborhood, it has grown to a population of just under 1,300 people. 70% of the properties in the area are either apartments or condominiums. This can be attributed to Erlton’s location, only two kilometres south of the downtown area – often no longer than a six minute commute. The Talisman Centre borders the community to the north and the Stampede Grounds are found immediately north-west of Erlton. Erlton is also served by the C-Train LRT system with the Erlton/Stampede station.

The community’s public school students attend Rideau Park K-9 school and the Western Canada senior high school. Catholic students, meanwhile, are served by St. Monica K-9, St. Michael K-9, and St. Mary’s senior high school. All of these schools are all conveniently only within a short commute of Erlton.

Amenities are well proportioned to the city with Lindsay Park Sports Center found right in the community. Erlton is remarkably close to the shops and restaurants that line 17th street, which make for an eclectic and vivid browsing experience with a lot of specialty items found there. The downtown area is not very far at all from Erlton. Within a very short geographic distance, you’re able to satisfy all of your shopping needs.

The LRT system allows its’ residence the opportunity to visit other areas of Calgary and downtown. A direct route to the core is provided by the Calgary Transit with stops put along the MacLeod Trail which drops down right through the middle of the community.

Erlton is a neighborhood in a great location in relation to the downtown area. It provides quality recreational opportunities, access to wide green spaces, and with a short commute to Calgary’s surrounding downtown events, is a prime spot to settle in with the LRT system right at your fingertips.