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map of glamorgan

Map of Glamorgan

Bordered by Richmond Road to its’ north, Glenmore Trail to the south, 37th street to the east, and Sarcee Trail to its’ west, Glamorgan is the home to some 6,500 Calgarians. First established in 1958, this well-established community offers residents breathtaking views of the nearby Strathcona Heights and the Rocky Mountains to the west.

Glamorgan elementary school and the Catholic St. Andrew elementary school are both located within the community allowing a great opportunity for parents to walk with their children during their first few years of schooling. From here, public school students attend A.E. Cross junior high and then Central Memorial senior high school. On the other hand, upon completing at St. Andrew’s, Catholic school students are then designated to attend St. Gregory junior high followed by Bishop Carroll senior high school.

The neighborhood is located only eight kilometres from the downtown core although there aren’t very many reasons to leave the Glamorgan area with its’ amenities that number in the dozens. The new Grey Eagle Casino is located just south of the community. There is a collection of bars, restaurants, and other businesses that are set on both sides of Richmond Rd in the northwest of Glamorgan. Mount Royal University can be found just east of Glamorgan allowing the students of the community an opportunity to attend a university all within walking distance of their individual homes. There are also wide patches of green space at Grafton Park, Galbraith Park, and the signature Glamorgan Park.

Public transportation is supplied by Calgary Transit, of course, with frequent stops made along Richmond Rd., 46th Avenue, and 37th street.

Glamorgan is a little off the beaten path but it’s well worth a look due to the unique opportunities that lie with it. The university, the green space, the Richmond Rd. shopping and dining options, and the Grey Eagle Casino allow its’ residents to enjoy an ever-expanding portfolio of entertainment and amenities. It is eight kilometres from the downtown core but that’s hardly far at all. A short commute down Richmond Rd. and then Crowchild Trail lets a Glamorgan resident in on the downtown core to explore all of its’ charm and decadence.

The community is Glamorgan is no doubt family-oriented and for those who are looking for a little separation between the city and their home.

When it comes to trying to find this combination in Calgary, there isn’t a better neighborhood than what is found in Glamorgan.