Highfield Real Estate Listings and Information

map of highfield

Map of Highfield

Highfield is a primarily industrial area located in southeast Calgary. Blackfoot Trail runs along the western and northern perimeters of Highfield; to the south is 49th Ave. and to the east is Ogden Road. Alyth/Bonnybrook/Manchester are neighbors to the south. The rapidly changing community of Manchester is near the Bow River pathway system, offering outdoor recreation opportunities.

Highfield has a population of approximately 1,300. More than one quarter of properties are rentals, the remainder are owned. Over half of the homes in Highfield date back to the 1940’s and about 25% are somewhat newer, constructed between 1986 and 2006. Average home prices in Highfield are around $360,000. 

One of Calgary’s oldest fire stations, Calgary Fire Station No. 16 is located in Highfield. Known as “The Big House” to Calgary firefighters, it is also the headquarters for the Calgary Fire Department.