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map of lakeview

Map of Lakeview

Founded in 1962, “Lakeview” was chosen as a name for its’ vibrant view of the Glenmore Reservoir, afforded to all of its’ residents wherever they may be in the community. It is safely nestled between Glenmore Trail to its’ north, Crowchild Trail to its’ east, 37th street to its’ west, and North Glenmore Park to its’ south. The lower base of Lakeview is contains more expensive real estate known as Lakeview Village. The greater Lakeview community is found at the far western edge of the city with numerous hiking trails, cycling trails, the Calgary Rowing Club, the Calgary Canoe Club, and with its’ long-reaching green space, a vast array of unique recreational opportunities. The community association, with full knowledge of Lakeview’s unique location, has a number of activities for residents to participate in including Pathfinders, Guides, Brownies, Sparks, bridge clubs, summer soccer, a skating rink each winter, a wide-spanning playground facility, etc. The Lakeview community association also acts as host to a # of community events.

Public school students of Lakeview attend Chinook Park elementary, Woodman junior high, and Henry Wise Wood senior high school.

Meanwhile, Catholic school students are assigned to attend St. Augustine elementary and junior high, and Bishop Grandin senior high school.

Residents make an effort to keep Lakeview a community rather than just a city-planned neighborhood. Along with the range of events that come and go throughout the year, the community also has a golf course that serves the beginner-to-intermediate players of the city. Mt. Royal University is located north of Lakeview, just across Glenmore Trail, making it a desirable spot for students as well. Glenmore Trail also serves as a transportation route outside of the city to the shopping district located across the river.

Lakeview has two transportation routes. The Glenmore Trail will take you out east to the shopping district while taking Crowchild Trail will take you up north to the downtown Calgary core. Calgary Transit has put up various stops set along 66th avenue, 37th street, 63rd avenue, Lakeview Drive, and Crowchild Trail.

It is a somewhat secluded area of the city but those that reside here appreciate the privacy that Lakeview can afford them.